Jamaica (Negril, Westmoreland)


Traveling to Mayfield Falls in the Jamaican highlands

We're here!

"Yeah, whatever"

My brother, Chris, and me

Who's that sexy man?

These are Cassava vines

The beach on our first day at sunset

Eerie red glow as the sunset reflects off the impending clouds

Ah, how relaxing!

The beach in the other direction

Morning at the beach

Coming back from snorkeling

Saltfish and Ackee -- A typical Jamaican breakfast

Ingredients: Water, Ginger, Channy root, Fourman Strength, Strong back, Nerve wist, Peanut, Sarsaparilla, Pimento, Blackberry, Raw Moon, Coconut Root, God Bush, Brown Sugar.

This water is super-clear!

Hidden in the shadows is a cliff diver

The sunset begins

A great ending to a great trip

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