Current Status

Cast of Characters

Guybrush Threepwood: The world's most feared pirate, duh! Guybrush Threepwood's long career in the pirate business has taken him to the edges of the carribean.
Elaine Marley: Love interest of Guybrush Threepwood and Governess of Melee Island. Recently, left politics to pursue a career in the high-tech industry.
The Possessed Pirate LeNotkin: Watch out Guybrush! LeChuck's back and this time he's out for blood (and if not blood then at least a coconut smoothie). LeNotkin, the most famous pirate of all Puget Sound, has been inexplicably possesed by the evil spirit of LeChuck!
Stan: You bet Stan has another amazing deal for us today! Whether its used computer parts or bankrupt dot-com paraphenalia, you can be assured that Stan will be trying to sell it to Guybrush.
Wally B. Feed: Jeepers Wally, how did you end up in Allen Center!?! The most skilled and youngest cartographer in all the carribean, what possible reason could Wally have for moving into Allen Center?
The Voodoo Lady: Guybrush! She feels a great disturbance. Regardless of how far you travel from the Bayou. If dangers is lurking you can be assured that a voodoo lady will be there is give advice and warning to Guybrush.
Monkeys and Primates (w/ varying numbers of heads): We are an equal-opportunity monkey employer, we especially enocourage three- headed monkeys to apply. Pluses include: witty banter and the ability to dance
Men of Low Moral Fiber (aka Pirates!): What would a Monkey Island game be without pirates?

Also possibly making appearances:
Murray the Skull: This is one skull that has a serious chip on his...err...skull?!?
Vegetarian Cannibals: How can these guys be cannibals and still be vegetarians? Maybe they are cannibals that only eat vegetarians. Oh well, in any case Guybrush may yet run into them.
Jojo The Monkey: I know he died, but who can forget Jojo -- everyone's favorite piano-playing monkey and all-purpose tool. Besides who else do you know who can twinkle the ivories like Jojo can?
Largo LeGrande: What ever happened to all the money Largo took from Guybrush at the beginning of Monkey Island 2? My went to buying cheese squiggles for Largo's pet crocodile.
Herman Toothrot: Who is Herman Toothrot? Is that even his real name? We can be sure that in this game Guybrush will *finally* learn the true story behind Herman.

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